Jeremy Thomas, Yoga Instructor

Jeremy received his Yoga Teacher training through the Triad Yoga Institute in Greensboro, and is a Certified Master Teacher Reiki.  Training in Design & Production techniques at NCSA, and working for Cook Medical as an Engineering Design Draftsman and 3D printer tech., he has taken his love of structural engineering into the art of yoga.  His personal practice has developed over the last several years, stemming from the deep desire to heal his own body from a spinal injury.  Now, at the peak of his own physical fitness, even compared to his days as a young athlete, he is primed to share the techniques which have helped him bring his body and mind into greater states of peace, harmony and alignment.  The key to a successful practice, he feels, is in meeting the physical body's limitations with peaceful acceptance and moving fearlessly into the possibilities of greater understanding through patient and persistent practice.

Chloë Nickles, Yoga Instructor

Chloë began her yoga journey 3 years ago in the quest to combat anxiety and depression after suffering years of emotional and sexual abuse. Yoga became a gateway to awaken the Divine Energy that had been buried and reconnect her spiritual self to her physical self. No stranger to body awareness and movement, 15 prior years of ballet allowed quick growth and progression through Asana practice but it's the spiritual awakening that led Chloë to pursue Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 with Dancing Dogs Yoga. The hot power vinyasa DDY offers, inspired by Baron Baptiste, is very physical and offers an intense work out experience while focusing on the fundamentals of yogic philosophy. 

Recently, Chloë had the opportunity to live and teach yoga in Sydney, Australia where her practice and teaching style were heavily influenced by a variety of modern yoga guru's and influencers. The fluid connection of breath and movement are evident in her vinyasa sequencing where she offers advanced transitions and postures with a light hearted spirit and gentle yet powerfully motivated guidance. She truly believes all bodies are capable of great power when the asana is approached with true heart and a steadfast practice. 

Fun fact about Chloë, she is the personal yoga teacher and girlfriend of American Ninja Warrior Neil "Crazy" Craver. The two can be seen on NBC's hit series, globe trotting and narrating their travels through social media, or in Divine Yoga practicing and inspiring together!

Jessica Heiderscheit, Yoga Instructor

Jessica believes in yoga as a field guide to navigating the ups and downs of life and uses her classes to create a means for connection, to stay grounded and present in order to fully experience life in all of it’s various shapes and forms. Her personal practice began in back in 2007 and in April of 2017 she received her 200hr RYT from K10Yoga in Winston-Salem, NC. Jessica also teaches yoga at Blue Ridge Kung Fu on Hawthorne Rd in Winston-Salem. She loves Moon Salutations and believes in “working in” just as much as “working out”. Her classes cater to all levels and offer a safe environment to find the strength you need within.

Autumn Lewis, Yoga Instructor

Autumn is a Winston-Salem native whose main focus during class is to create a safe, judgement-free atmosphere for students of all levels. She finds joy in helping others realize their potential and watching them grow to love their practice. Autumn believes that yoga is more of a way of life than just the physical practice of asanas (poses). She chooses to live and act from a place of love and compassion for all beings.  In November of 2015, she received her 200hr RYT certification from Ganesha’s Yoga and Wellness based in Greensboro, NC. However, she completed her training locally at the Gateway YWCA located in downtown Winston-Salem.  Autumn also offers classes at Yoga Dogz Hot Hatha Yoga located in Reynolda Village, Blue Ridge Kung Fu Arnis Academy located in Ardmore & often subs at other various yoga studios/gyms in the triad. When she’s not teaching, Autumn enjoys being outdoors and spending time at home with her husband, stepson, their dog and two cats.